Famous People Celebrate the Cord-Free Life in Anomaly’s First Ad for Beats

By Patrick Coffee 

In May we reported that Anomaly would be the big winner in the Beats (by Dre) creative review as the Apple-owned company moves to expand its market overseas. That was true, and the agency later opened a new L.A. office and hired a couple dozen staffers to handle the new business.

Today marks the debut of Anomaly’s first work for the client, which is all about one particular aspect of Apple’s new product line: cord-free headphones.

The ad is set to the maybe-classic “I’ve Got No Strings,” from 1940’s Pinocchio.

It’s a pretty clear theme: All of these famous people are doing things that might be at least a little bit more difficult if they had to wear phones with cords. We even recognized most of the seemingly random personalities who are living freer, more rewarding lives thanks to this one weird trick. It’s kind of fun to see a person like Amber Rose who specializes in self-promotion make a joke at her own expense, light as it may be.

People like Conan O’Brien can make fun of Apple’s insistence on eliminating headphone cords all they want, but the company isn’t hearing it as they clearly believe the future to be 100 percent wireless.

The work above also gives us a good idea as to what Anomaly’s future work for Beats will look like, given that it features lots of celebs using the products in sort-of relatable situations. One does have to wonder whether the company will change its approach after global CMO Omar Johnson leaves next month, though.


Client: Beats By Dre
Executive Producer: Ana Julfayan
Senior Producer: Amanda Weiss
Associate Producer: Brittany Cammisa
Head of Production: Mike Refuerzo
Creative Director: Diallo Marvel
CMO: Omar Johnson
VP of Global Marketing: Jason White
Brand Director: Robbie Labelle
Brand Manager: Shirley Chong

Agency:  Anomaly
Group Business Director: Josh Jefferis
Creative Director: Fab Bergland
Senior Art Director: Matt Kalish
Senior Writer: Zach Myrow
Director of Project Management: Chris Greve
Project Manager: Allison Pankow
Account Director: Lexi Vonderlieth
Founding Partner, ECD: Mike Byrne

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Brian Beletic
Executive Producers: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Shannon Jones
Head of Production: Andrew Colon
Line Producer:  Francesca Lentini
Director of Photography: Dion Beebe

Editorial: Cut & Run LA
Executive Producer: Amburr Farls
Editor: Sam Ostrove