Fallon, Venus Williams and DJ Khaled Celebrate ‘The Power of Plants’ for Silk

By Erik Oster 

Fallon launched a new campaign for WhiteWave Foods soy, almond, cashew and coconut milk brand Silk with a pair of spots starring Venus Williams and DJ Khaled. The campaign, entitled “Do Plants,” arrives just ahead of the brand’s 20th anniversary.

In the 15-second broadcast spot starring Williams, “Jump,” the tennis star winds up for a high-velocity serve as the message “Do Plants” appears on screen. “Strong is good,” Williams says, before letting loose on the ball and later refueling with the brand’s Very Vanilla Soymilk.

In the 30-second spot starring DJ Khaled, “Movement,” the DJ/producer enthusiastically sends out “vacation vibes” via his Silk smoothie, made with Silk Almond Milk and bananas. The spot ends with Khaled exclaiming “I do plants” after shots of Williams on the court, an impressive yoga move, a kid reaching in the fridge for a carton of Silk and, for some reason (because he’s a plant?), Groot.

In addition to the broadcast spots, both of which keep things fairly simple, the 360 marketing campaign also includes a #DoPlants social push and a refreshed website which reflects the brand’s “ongoing commitment to making plant-based eating delicious and simple.” The campaign will continue with a “Path to Plants” digital series starring Williams and others committed to a plant-based lifestyle.

“We’re seeing a growing trend of plant-based eating, with more people becoming thoughtful about the world around them,” explained Rebekah Lyle, director of marketing, Silk Plant-Based Foods and Beverages. “Silk provides a nourishing choice that harnesses the power of plants and helps people feel good about what they’re putting in their body.”


“I believe in the power of plant-based eating, and as an athlete and businesswoman I always need to feel my best,” Williams added. “That’s why I’m working with Silk on something I feel passionate about – the amazing things that come when people ‘do plants.'”