Fallon Minneapolis Wants You to Know It’s Pretty Close to Canada

By Erik Oster 

Fallon Minneapolis created an agency recruitment video touting its proximity to Canada. You know, just in case you need to evacuate the country.

The video opens with Fallon Minneapolis creative director Charlie Wolff saying, “I think everyone should work at Fallon Minneapolis.” He then opens up a map to point out Minneapolis’ proximity to Canada, “safe, politically-stable Canada.” As Wolff stares off into space with a concerned expression the words “Fallon is hiring” appear onscreen.

The rest of the video goes on to highlight some of the office’s amenities, while repeatedly reminding viewers of its proximity to our friendly neighbors to the north. Like agency’s fruit water, which provides vitamin C that prevents scurvy and helps build your immune system, something that might come in handy if you have to “cross the border on a sub-zero June evening.”

While we’ve seen the “move to Canada” schtick mined pretty heavily this election season, Fallon’s recruitment video does have a few things going for it. There’s the obvious advantage of timing, as election fatigue and fears have both reached their peak. Wolff’s deadpan also suits the mood of a country who has lost a bit of its soul through this crushing election cycle and the dry humor seems to fit for a recruitment video, even if it’s based on an idea that’s not exactly fresh.