Fallon and Massage Envy Think You Deserve a Quiet Moment to Yourself, Goddammit!

By Patrick Coffee 

Hello, and how was your weekend?

Did your in-laws come by to visit? Did you spend all day Saturday measuring your new apartment for discount furniture and then going to buy said furniture at your not-quite-favorite Swedish retailer, then wake up Sunday to get busy putting all that shit together what with the screws and the nails and the Allen wrenches?

Did your toddler and dog not seem to understand, during this whole process, that you simply can’t dedicate every moment to them, as much as you wish you could?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it’s time for a facial.

The latest campaign from Massage Envy, which marks its first work with new agency Fallon, officially dropped today (though it went live elsewhere at the end of last week). And it wants to ensure that you don’t feel guilty about getting that damn massage.

We kept waiting for that cello riff to turn into an Arthur Russell song. What, too obscure?

“Keep Your Body Working” is also the first campaign under new CMO Kathy Collins, who previously spent more than 12 years at H&R Block.

“People see massages as an indulgence, but the reality is that the physical world is stacked against us. Whether we are sitting in chairs, cars, and couches or compulsively looking up or down at our screens, the world is trying very hard to push and reshape our bodies,” said Fallon ECD Patrick Figueroa. “When seen from that perspective, these seemingly innocuous actions can be quite scary. It’s like daily routines have it out for our bodies. So, we created a campaign to show that, and to show how massage as routine self-care is the way we push back.”

We still don’t get it, but you do you.