Exclusive: Schematic(o) Bailing on Enfatico, Kinda Being Douchey About it

By Matt Van Hoven 

UPDATE 9/05/08: Schematico’s CEO Responds to “Dumping” Enfatico

Schematic (aka Schematico), the interactive shop that’s been acting as Enfatico’s interactive department ([possibly] producing such wonders as Digital Nomads…oh wait that’s it so far) is apparently splitting with the ginormous start-up.

According to sources within both agencies, Schematic is pulling out ‘cuz it doesn’t want to be a production house for the giant. We like to think it’s due to blunder after blunder after blunder preceded by this blunder which was folowed by this blunder (oh and don’t forget about these little guys: blunder; blunder; blunderydoo; blunderwear; and finally, blunder me) on Enfatico’s part, but your best guess as to the real reasons is as good as ours.

Mucho more on this, after the…hopskipanda.

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OK so we’ve established that Schematico is pulling out right? Yeah &#151 and they’re leaving Enfatico in a lot of shit. Apparently, even though they hired a bunch of addies to work on the Dell account, Schematico wants to pull them back into the mothership, literally leaving Enfatico up shit creek without coders.

Enfatico CEO Torrence Boone, who we shall from now on refer to as “T-Bone”, tried to salvage the “department” by working out a simple deal with Schematico &#151 let those who want to stay, stay*.

T-Bone gave the Schematico kiddies a week to decide if they wanted to stay, and even went so far as to ask the Schemer guys for some help in figuring the situation out. But we’re told they didn’t really want to be part of the bigger picture anyway, and were doing little to be of service.

The lack of cohesion lead to T-Bone taking stabs at the Schemers &#11 namely how they were handling (or not handling) the issue. Both Schematico and Enfatico insiders agree that the Schemers are screwing over the Enfatics. So let’s not jump all over T-Bone just yet. He’s bailing water out of the ship with a thimble, meanwhile his hired mercenaries are taking their money and running. Dude’s in a nipple vice, but not the fun kind.

*That might explain why Schematic(o) is in a hiring freeze at the moment &#151 if indeed they’re waiting to see who comes back from Enfatico. But the decision to stay with Schematic can’t really be that tough. Think about it &#151 Schematic = ABC, AOL, CNN, Comedy Central, CNN, ESPN, Microsoft, MSN, New Line Cinema, Nokia, Sony, Target, Coca-Cola, Conde Nast, Fox, HSN, Monster, MTV, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, Sony Pictures, THQ, Waenr Bros., Amp’d, Clinique, Comcast, GE, EA, Intel, Motorola, NBC, Nissan, Panasonic, Sony, Starz and Time Warner Cable and Dell. Enfatico = Dell, kinda. Hmm, what do I do here?