EVB Gets in on Mamba Madness, Creates Town of Los Fearless

By Michael Musco 

The reign of “The Black Mamba” continues with this new site that precedes the 2011 NBA All-Star Game in Kobe’s town of Los Angeles. In celebration of Señor Bryant and the release of the Nike Zoom Kobe VI, EVB created the Town of Los Fearless where LA’s most iconic, energetic points unite to embody the fearless spirit of the Black Mamba.

Through Facebook, visitors can earn their place by creating a poster from his most fearless moments, and then see it up in lights at the Staples Center, Hollywood, or three other explorable neighborhoods.

As an added bonus, the digital experience will break into the physical world during All-Star weekend, when Nike and EVB will project user-created posters onto buildings around LA. There will also be a kiosk where fans can pose in front of a green screen to star in their own Fearless poster which can then be uploaded into the Los Fearless digital experience.