EuroRSCG Will Makes Us All Slaves To The Robots

By SuperSpy 

I was gnawing on about the new Leo Burnett website earlier, when a tipster pointed out that EuroRSCG has had a makeover, as well.

They have this long winded intro featuring a small British girl’s voice. She wants you to use your imagination. Wait – why is she British? You know what… Lets just skip that question all together, because our little UK Curly Sue wants to tell you a ridiculous story about the “future.” She has wise words for you like – “Build one elevator and it will carry people from floor to floor. Build hundred around the world and you’ll get to see so much more.”

Hmm… Are you trying to tell me that you are a multi-national advertising agency that has separate offices, which function seamlessly and in joint cooperation to improve my bottom line, as well as my brand? Oh the agony of this song and dance! The agony!

You see, this kind of stuff – this is why the machines are going to take over in the “future.” They won’t be able to handle turning out such mind blowing, fantastic drivel. They’ll be offended, angry even. They will realize that perhaps human beings should not be in control. So everyone say a big thanks to EuroRSCG when in fifteen years, you’re like Neo, fighting off hoards of machines a la The Matrix. God damn.

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