E*Trade Trades Kevin Spacey for Tongue-Twisters in New R/GA Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

R/GA surprised a few industry observers last January by swiping the TV portion of the E*Trade account from Ogilvy. (You’ll recall that Grey resigned the business before it went to O&M back in 2013.)

“Opportunity Is Everywhere” launched in April 2015 as the IPG shop’s first campaign for its new client, but the spots still starred post-babies brand mascot Kevin Spacey. R/GA New York’s latest series of :15s, which hit the YouTubes last night, have abandoned Frank Underwood altogether in favor of a cast of characters looking to demonstrate that opportunity does, in fact, still exist everywhere.

First, get ready for some quick wordplay from an unnamed man who invests…in vests.

We’re not quite sure whether sleeveless button-ups are making a comeback as all Google results for “vest” involve the bulletproof kind, so we’ll have to go bearish on the trend. But Magic Mike was a decent movie if we’re talking leather.

“Trader” follows the same pattern, this time playing on trader/traitor with the help of character actor Joey Slotnick and America’s most infamous turncoat turned redcoat.

Next, the Year of Mobile has finally arrived for one guy who’s very interested in mobilizing his mobile strategy as long as he can, like, move around.

If you dislike verbal pretzels, this last spot might make your head explode.

We were just overcome by an inexplicable desire to “pick” some antiquated unit of peppers.

But how many peppers would be in a peck, and could the Brooklyn Pickle Packers handle the pickling process or should we turn to the company that will pickle anything?

The release helpfully reminds us that each of these shorts highlights a different aspect of E*Trade’s offering: “The new spots make a pointed effort to point out the point of the spot, in case you somehow miss the point. ”

The brand is “all about seizing opportunity,” which somehow manages to keep popping up everywhere–even in old-school TV ads.


Nick Law: Global CCO
Taras Wayner: SVP, ECD
Michael Lowenstern: VP, Digital Advertising
Lee Margolis: Creative Director
Steve Giraldi & Peter Unger – Assoc Creative Directors
Andrea Messer & Jason Burke – Art Dir. & Copywriter
Kat Friis – Group Director, Film Production
Brian Schierman – Sr. Film Producer
Michael Stoopack: Managing Director
Julie DeAngelis: Account Director
James Hogan: Account Supervisor
Emily Chen: Campaign Producer
Stephen Bernstein: Director, Business Affairs
Maureen Doyle: Business Affairs
Mairead Murray: Coordinator, Business Affairs


Kyle Okimoto: Head of Marketing
Rich Muhlstock: COO Marketing, SVP Branding & Acquisition
Wylie Kain: VP, Head of Branding
Evan Katz: Senior Marketing Manager

PRODUCTION: Radical Media, New York

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Frank Scherma & Gregg Carlesimo: Executive Producers
Frank Dituri: HOP
Matt O’Shea: Line Producer
Igor Martinovic: Director of Photography (Gersh Agency)

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