Erase Your Sexual Exploits (Rub-it!)

By Matt Van Hoven 

(“The Rider”)

La Condoneria is a Spanish company (The Condom Shop) and they’ve got some inspiring new ads about condoms. Basically, with their product, you can “Rub it” or erase the experience. A wise man once told me that the best way to pretend like a sexual encounter never happened is to delete cookies, whatever that means. Anyway, this “story” takes a similar approach using eraser bits to draw images of ladies with anuses and labias and all sorts of body parts. Awkward that I just wrote the words “anuses” and “labias” isn’t it.

Advertising Agency: acHe, Barcelona, Spain
Account Director: Tino Lopez Freixas
Creative Director: Diego Otero Rodriguez
Art Director: Jordi Alonso
Copywriters: Diego Otero Rodriguez, Jordi Alonso
Illustrator: Jordi Alonso
Graphic Designers: Andrea Edarra, Matteo Guerra
Photographer: Raul Ortega of Red Light Studio
Integration and retouching photography: Kim Boix Sas of

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(“The Little Toad”)