Enfatico Speaks And Answer Critics

By SuperSpy 

Enfatico’s CEO, Torrence Boone went on the record with Adage in an attempt to quiet his critics. Dude don’t listen to the ad world. Do your thing. Put your head down and make it a success. Ah, well… it must suck to have everyone calling your agency Enfartico or pointing out the the Dell ads were made on MACs. So, Boone wants to throw a punch back. Aiight then.

The Good Morning America ready Boone (look at that jaw line!) claims that Enfatico is more than just an in-house agency for Dell. It is a full service agency that will be taking on other clients. Agencies have begun this way before. You get one big client, pump out brilliant work and then, move on to securing others. Remember Element79?

Boone goes on to talk staffing: “We have close to 1,000 staff members worldwide, and we have transitioned 90% to 95% of the work that was accounted for by the 800-plus agencies around the globe.

TB says his agency goes against the traditional model, which everyone knows is under siege. “-Many are incredibly bloated, not cost-efficient, organized around 30-second television spots and huge broadcast production budgets that are evaporating.”

You see, Enfatico is about “true integration.” Those are Terrence’s words. Oh shit! There’s another concept we’re all familiar with – in-te-gra-tion. Yes, yes, but how are you going to achieve that Mr. Boone? He’s seems to be relying on public relations jargon:
“-everything under one roof, zero legacy, one profit-and-loss statement, analytics, cost efficiency. We’re media agnostic… all of these things provide a much-differentiated value proposition.

Right. Your legacy is WPP. Even as a separate entity, Enfatico answers to a large conglomerate, which has demands, insurance policies, protocols for its employees. Enfatico may try hard to be a maverick in this space, but is it really possible? Adage, sadly, doesn’t ask the question, nor point out the contradiction.

Terrence goes on to talk about how he expected the harsh backlash from Madison Avenue. He’s planning on signing his next client in six to nine months. He also plans on re-setting the bar of what an agency can deliver.

Okay. Go for it. We’re cheering for anyone who wants to muck with the game, but from all we know about Enfatico and the PR-based information in this article, we’re skeptical. Very.