Enfatico Signs 10yr. Office Lease, But Only Has 3yr. Deal with Dell

By Matt Van Hoven 

According to the CoStar Group Web site, WPP’s Enfatico has just signed a 10-year lease for office space in the MetLife Insurance Plaza, at 11 Madison Ave., here in Manhattan.

The offices total 98,175 square feet, and is on the building’s 12th floor. That may be more than enough space to handle the $4.5 billion account, and the fancy analytics machine that’s promised to measure Dell’s media outreach. (OK, so it’s probably not going to be in the same building…)

A curious point of contention in Enfatico’s hive-mind must be, “What will we do if Dell doesn’t re-sign?” If my math is correct, the three-year contract is seven years short of the lease agreement.

Does Enfatico, the “single-client” agency, plan on acquiring more clients; are they that crazy; or maybe they measure in dog years? You decide, but something’s up. Kudos to Tribble for noticing this.

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