Enfatico Responds on Cris Fortes, Gary Steele and Mike Miller

By Matt Van Hoven 

We reached out to Enfatico to get some clarification on three employees we heard were heading elsewhere. (Chief procurement officer) Cris Fortes’ last day was 5 days ago, Gary Steele (global transition officer) bailed in April and is heading to Arnold in Boston, and CIO Mike Miller left back in March. So what’s the deal, Enfatico?

“Wanted to provide some contect [sic] around some of the reporting and your most-recent inquiry.

Per your last question, Mike Miller left Enfatico in March. He was appointed by WPP and was instrumental in helping Enfatico take shape. John Roulston-Bates, our CTO, has been with Enfatico since the early transition team. As we’ve continued to build out our own senior leadership team, we have made the strategic decision not to fill the CIO spot.

Gary Steele was part of the initial transition team. He left the agency in April, although he did continue to have a strategic consulting relationship with other members of the WPP family. Stephen Sonnenfeld, as you know, is our President of Consumer Solutions.

Generally speaking, while we do not comment on personnel matters, we did want to give some context around Cris Fortes, who has left the agency, as you have noted. For clarification’s sake, Cris was not a member of Enfatico’s Senior Leadership Team.

Finally, it’s important to note that there was a transition team and that over time, we have appointed and rounded out key members of our Senior Leadership Team. In the next week, we will be announcing additional appointments to our SLT.”

And we’ll be waiting to see who they’ve picked up. Let the commentary begin.

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