Enfatico Fails On The Adamo Campaign

By SuperSpy 

We didn’t realize that Valerie Hausladen, managing director of communications agency Enfatico’s Austin office, was one of the employees who hit the employment line during the late February layoffs at the Dell oriented agency. At the time, Enfatico’s workforce was cut by 8 percent, roughly 80 to 100 people.

Folks around the web have been saying that the shop has six months to live. Hmm… There does seem to be a ton of terrible news coming out of Dell including the cancellation of their smartphone due to lack of interest from carriers. As well, Dell has warned staff at its UK operations that as many as 20 per cent of the work force is about to be eliminated.

Still, the company is moving forward with the release of their Apple competitor – the ultra thin laptop called the Adamo, and the associated creative, which Enfactio created over a year ago. The campaign shows the laptop as a high end fashion accessory. Um, you guys are missing the point. Apple gets all that love for more than just its stylish, highly designed product line. Their brand message goes way, way deeper. Trying to co-opt it isn’t such a hot idea. You ain’t got the character for it. As PC World noted: “This is a fine example of what a company that is not cool comes up with in an attempt to be cool. The video [an introduction to the Adamo] should be filed under “badly overreaches” and put away permanently.”

Enfatico has more than six months to live. They’re going to keep going till their heart stops, but heavens! They are a prime example of what happens when agencies don’t dig deep on the insights. Plus, not so sure that this the right jump off for a laptop considering the economy and all the financial worries consumers are facing. Is fashion the right thrust here? Maybe stylish AND durable would be better proposition? How about highlighting the warranty or the overall reliability of the computers? How about just being who you are? Dell has gotten way off track as of late in a desperate attempt to take Apple to the mat. Dell’s brand message – which used to be about functionality, ease and dependability – needs to make a comeback, hasta pronto.

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