Elite Media Brings in Derek Jeter for the Latest American Family Insurance Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

American Family Insurance doesn’t utilize mascots or slick humor in its ads. The heritage insurance company instead leans on real life situations and the promise of feeling “totally protected” under its red roof.

In its new iteration of its ongoing campaign, it brings in Derek Jeter, who has been with the company since 2014, to help solidify its position in the marketplace.

Last year, American Family Insurance debuted “Life’s Better,” a new creative campaign to bring its long-running “Insure Carefully. Dream Fearlessly” platform to life. The creative, by Elite Media, played up the red roofline in the brand’s logo and centered around the idea that when you feel totally protected, you’re free to enjoy the dreams you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


Over the past year, commercials have used mixed reality to tell resonant and relatable stories such as first-time parents attempting to put their baby to sleep, a father and his child experiencing an intimate moment and a newly married couple who dodge a scary road situation.

And the work is effective for the company. Since the “Life’s Better” campaign launched, research has shown that its ad recognition and brand linkage have increased significantly, as did brand awareness among Black and Hispanic audiences. The campaign was also recently named an Effie Winner in the multicultural category and finalist for the David & Goliath award.

“We’re encouraged about how the campaign is being received,” Jindai Joseph, executive creative director at Elite Media told ADWEEK. “Consumers are seeing the American Family Insurance roofline as something that can both give them peace of mind and enable them to pursue their dreams. We are excited about continuing to explore the elasticity of the campaign and to encourage more dreamers to acquire this type of protection.”

Three new commercials in the “Life’s Better” campaign hope to build on that success.

In “Neighborhood,” Jeter passes a kid aiming for the big leagues, two future rocket scientists and a budding prima ballerina in a local neighborhood. He is there to help to emphasize that when you feel totally protected, “your family is free to pursue their dreams.”

“United” features American Family’s newest “Fearless Dreamer,” Caleb Wiley, of Atlanta United FC. In the spot, Wiley encourages a young soccer player and helps remind American Family customers how its agents are here to help you feel protected. The call to action is “Get a quote. Find an agent.” The spot is also designed to build on American Family Insurance’s current partnership with Atlanta United.

“Harp” emphasizes the brand’s red roofline and depicts an intimate family scene involving parents with their daughter as she practices the harp. The harp then brings another core brand asset, the familiar American Family Insurance jingle, to life in a new way.

Joseph said that insurance is meant to be an unseen force that helps protect the things people work very hard to achieve. What Elite Media likes to do is marry its audience insight with a brand truth to deliver breakthrough creative for its longtime client.

“The ‘Life’s Better’ construct uses magical realism which plays to tradition, legacy, cool and contemporary, in combination with an ownable, repeatable, timeless device in the red roofline,” said Joseph.

Sherina Smith, CMO at American Family Insurance, added: “We’re thrilled that ‘Life’s Better’ has helped evolve and further cement our mission to inspire, protect, and restore dreams. Our customers can rest assured that the dreams they worked so hard to achieve will be protected under the American Family Insurance red roofline.”