Eight Partnership Draws Inspiration from Pac-Man in GM Clip

By Michael Musco 

How does one aim for a younger audience while drawing attention to the GM Cruze T’s agility, speed and easy-to-drive features? Create a giant Pac-Man-inspired race course, get director Stanley Liu on board, stick a camera way up high to get the aerial view, get a few stunt drivers to tear that racetrack up and you’ve got yourself a life-size videogame. Though this ditty created by Hong Kong/Beijing-based shop Eight Partnership been out for a little while and was intended solely for the Chinese market, it’s racked up 1.4 million hits online as of today.

Sheilen Rathod, MD for Eight, explains in a statement, “Using a stylized and highly technical execution, the video fulfills SGM’s ambition to deliver something that has never been seen before in China, it’s great when you get to work with a client that is prepared to take a leap of faith and try something truly unique.”

Is it just us or do you hear the lyric, “It’s fu*#in rock n roll” at least five times during the whole spot? Take a good listen.