ECHO Awards Call for Entries an Effective Example of Self-Promotion

By Bob Marshall 

In order to get entries for the Direct Marketing Association’s ECHO awards for excellence in creativity, marketing and strategy for direct and digital campaigns, New York’s OgilvyOne is letting loose two creatives from the fictional “Hutchison Hale” set, who blab about winning an award of their own.

The ECHO awards’ website invites people to submit their work and entries of others. Hey, if you wanted to, you can even give a perfect score to your own entry. No doubt the clowns in the above video are doing that frequently, as their campaign is currently sitting at a perfect score of 100. The ratings system is broken up into four categories. Strategy, creative and results are scored out of a possible 30 points each, while a new category that rates “mojo” is scored out of 10 points.

The ECHO Awards will be presented on Oct. 4 as part of the DMA2011 Conference and Exhibition which takes place in Boston Oct. 1-6. Those interested in attending the ECHO Awards can click here, while additional information about DMA2011 is available here.