EAT24 Releases Snoop-Approved Super Bowl Ad

By Patrick Coffee Comment

In keeping with recent trends, here’s another Super Bowl ad created without the assistance of a major agency.

The client is Seamless competitor EAT24, and the ad below will run “in select markets” during the first quarter on Sunday. It stars Snoop Dogg and Gilbert Gottfried — spokesmen for People with High Metabolism — discussing their shared love of online delivery:

For the record, the campaign was not created entirely in-house.

The client’s own creative team reportedly “approached” CEO D.J. O’Neill of San Francisco production/design shop Hub Strategy & Communication — which recently produced ads for the Oakland Athletics, among others — to help make the project happen. The “hangry” concept did come from inside the company, however.

O’Neill writes:

“We took a look at the script they wrote and said, ‘are your kidding me’. It’s really fun.”

Hub describes itself as “more nimble and responsive than typical larger agencies,” and while this ad doesn’t have the online traction of Carl’s Jr. or Bud Light, we have to wonder how much the “select markets” buy cost and how much media attention client and agency will win as a result.

Creative Direction/Writing: EAT24 Marketing Team
Moneybags: Nadav Sharon

Production Company: Hub Strategy & Communication
Director: DJ O’Neil
Producer: Jeremy Cook
Director of Photography: Greg Schmitt

Production Designer: Alex Fymat
Hub Creative Director: Peter Judd
Hub ACD/Writer: Hugh Gurin
Production Coordinator: Zoe Drazen