Dude… What’s With The Girl Sitting On Your Lap?

By SuperSpy 

One of the things that drives us nuts about the ad industry is that everyone is posturing. What happened to being humble, curious or even just “nice?” Here’s an example provided to us by a tipster. Harry Bernstein (aka Harry Beee) is a Senior Art Director at Berlin Cameron United. He was featured last year in New York Magazine’s Lookbook. And now… Heron Preston, who’s such a cool guy, recently held an interview with Bernstein about his job. While we hear that Harry has done some excellent work on Heineken and some other brands, he also happens to be responsible for that terrible 50Cent commerical for Vitamin Water that had folks other than just us poking holes in the execution. Hey – everyone screws up once in awhile. That’s not what we’re jaw droppingly taking note of.

In this interview, he goes on to talk about his past at Ogilvy, how he loves to hang out and how great it is that securing a global account lets you fly around the world. Here’s a gem of a quote: “You know… you try and cast hot girls.” And then… WTF? Harry has his girlfriend (?) or just a girl (?) sitting on his lap during this entire video. We just can’t take him seriously. No way. Dude has zero humility. You gotta watch it.

Promise. We’ll get back to highlighting some campaigns for the rest of the day, but we just couldn’t let this one pass considering the amount of recent emails/comments we’ve gotten about the state of women in the ad industry. Come on… when women represent just over 50 percent of the US population, but account for 80 percent of US consumer spending you gotta wonder if dudes like this can work on accounts that aren’t male centric. Is it Mad Men all over again?