DTDigital Launches Jazzy, Clown Car Honda Campaign

By Michael Musco 

Ogilvy Melbourne’s DTDigital unit launched an integrated advertising campaign for Honda Jazz (aka Fit) this week. The campaign sets out to test the Honda Jazz’s “Fits anything you can imagine” tagline that was introduced in 2009 and comes to us courtesy of Young Gun Award-winning creatives Emma Park and Jason Deacon.

In a statement, DTDigital planning director strong>Alex Campbell says, “The fundamental product truth about the Jazz is undeniable – it is a small car with an incredibly spacious interior. Rather than buying an audience to communicate this message to, we set out to find a new, more relevant way of getting this message out there in the market.”

This campaign features hipsters, ninjas, body builders and a surprise internet celebrity rapper all being crammed into the vehicle, while the tests are conducted under the safety-goggled gaze of Rodney the mad scientist.

DTDigital CD Adam Morris adds, “We wanted to take the stuff that our audience already talks about online and become part of that conversation. And we wanted to enable them to participate in the campaign and create content. We’re excited to see what ideas they’ll come up with.”

This strategy has been done before and then some. Stuffing crap into a car and mad scientists? I’m sure you all can give me a plethora of previous ads with the same concept. Maybe have a spot with Octomom and stick her and all her kids in that bad boy. “At least it’s perceptible,” says I. Check out more spots from the campaign after the jump.

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