Drugs for Plants Protests Rockefeller Tree Killing in Holiday Stunt

By Kyle O'Brien 

Thousands of people enjoy viewing the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, save for one company that recently protested the senseless killing of the Norway Spruce.

The makers of the plant food Drugs for Plants could not just sit back and watch plants be massacred for the holiday season without speaking up, so they organized a protest in the shadow of what they consider the greatest holiday crime of them all: the killing of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

On December 12, Major, a Brooklyn-based creative agency and creator of Drugs for Plants, gathered a small crowd of 20 protesters to capture the attention of hundreds of onlookers who stood around to hear the protest leader rally the crowd against the yearly tree slaughter.


“The yearly massacre of plants for mere holiday decor has gone too far,” the protest leader shouted. “Plants deserve long, verdant lives, not to be slaughtered and propped up in our living rooms to slowly die as we sip eggnog, deaf to their demise.”

The protesters held signs that read “Growth Not Graves,” “Their Lives Are Not Your Decoration,” “Let This Death Be The Last,” and “PlantsArePeople.org” which directed to a page on the Drugs for Plants website where people can learn more.

The protest was a promotional stunt to get people more interested in the product. The founders of Major, Andrew Fatato and Dave Haller, created Drugs for Plants during the pandemic. The product, which launched in October, is a seaweed-based fertilizer for houseplants of all types, designed to be easily absorbed by plants.

The latest stunt comes on the heels of Drugs for Plants’ launch campaign, which included social and streaming video ads, and an experiential stunt featuring screaming plants in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park.