Dropbox Achieves ‘Creative Freedom’ With the Help of 72andSunny

By Patrick Coffee 

You know Dropbox as a convenient place to store all your digital documents in the “cloud.” But did you also know that the company facilitates creativity of the highest order? In fact, “Dropbox gives you the freedom to work any way you want.”

At the very least, it can make your awful PDFs a little more manageable with some help from friends at Adobe.

The company has been working with 72andSunny for at least a few months, though neither party seems to have announced that fact. (Here’s an interesting spot for the brand shared by audio engineer Matthew Kravitz in September.) There is a small connection between the two entities: former 72 copywriter Cody Osbourne left in early 2013 to join the startup Sold., which was acquired by Dropbox several months later. He’s now the latter company’s content creator.

However the relationship came about, Dropbox’s first brand campaign by 72 launched today, and its theme is creative freedom…as in the kind made easier by Dropbox.

Nexus director Johnny Kelly, who helmed that Coldplay Chipotle spot from 2011, apparently “chose people he’d worked with in the past and others he’s admired” to appear in the ad.

The message is simple and compelling: Dropbox isn’t just for PDFs and spreadsheets–it helps you share whatever project you might be working on with whomever else might be working on it. So it’s a facilitator of creators in the same way that Facebook enables us, in its way, to maintain long-distance relationships and find people we thought we’d forgotten. The projects in question almost certainly would have been completed without Dropbox, but the service can remove a step or two from the whole process.

As the company’s own blog puts it, “Dropbox is built to support you — no matter what you make or how you make it.” Another detail:

“The film, directed by Johnny Kelly, contains original footage shot over five and a half weeks by 141 collaborators from many different corners of the world — all brought together using Dropbox.”

Dropbox is definitely better than attaching Word docs to emails…unless they’re press releases. You should really just include those in the body of the message.


Agency: 72andSunny
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