Droga5 Talks Shit with New York Magazine

By Patrick Coffee 

This morning, Droga5 scored what is now an increasingly rare thing in the agency world: a full-length profile piece in a non-trade publication. New York magazine published a story designed to very loosely connect the current state of ad world affairs to that depicted in the final episodes of Mad Men with the help of the guys and girls of Droga. It’s an amusing read which shows us that even a serious-business agency doesn’t take itself all too seriously.

Four quick paragraphs in, Account Director Steven Panariello drops this bomb:

“I am known to take my shirt and pants off in meetings. I get so worked up during the day energy-wise that they just have to come off.”

NY scribe Jessica Pressler goes on to reveal the story behind Droga’s new “fueled by bullshit” work f0r client Toyota’s Mirai fuel cell model: it was subtle dig at Elon Musk’s characterization of this new attempt at environmental responsibility.

Here’s the work in question, which is not quite completely full of shit:

Toyota was apparently happy with the campaign, which may have led to the agency’s subsequent Scion win and, indirectly, the dissolution of Dentsu’s Attik. Of course, this state of satisfaction came about only after multiple reviews and tweak sessions.

Other key takeaways from the Pressler piece include:

  • Her description of David Droga as “An Australian with the bright, curious eyes of a woodland creature,” which precedes his own self-categorization as “the most competitive person you will ever meet”
  • Ari “The One from Entourage” Emanuel saying, “I think they’re artists…gotta go make some money!”
  • “They’re an ad agency. They’re selling crap that someone doesn’t need, and that’s the bottom line.” – a line from a guy who now advises clients on how to more effectively sell said crap.
  • Droga’s money quote: “I don’t want to sound too worthy here…But I want to do something that honestly contributes something positive to society.”

The article would be worth reading if only for discussion of “the poop shoot” that resulted in the video above:

  • “…should the poop have three or four ridges?”
  • “…a football-length field of percolating poop”
  • “When a cow shits, it’s like an elevator door opening.”

The piece also teaches us that Droga hates pre-roll ads, that the agency planned the “Love” response to haters of Honey Maid’s pro-gay campaign before the work even ran, and that Toyota prevented its shop from using Elon Musk’s name in the “bullshit” video.

Sadly, Panariello managed to make it through the entire article without removing his pants. He did, however, hump a conference room table.

Finally, an “extremely funny look” on Droga’s face hints that his agency may well create work for a certain well-known politician…