Droga5 Releases Its First Hillary Clinton Ad Starring Hillary Clinton

By Patrick Coffee 

And now for something completely different: an ad related to the biggest contest currently consuming American media that has absolutely nothing to do with overly muscled men chasing an inflated flap of leather.

Back in November we learned, via The New York Times, that a tiny little underdog agency named Droga5 would help another underdog fight for everyday Americans by making ads for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run.

The agency’s work for the candidate preceding this ad consisted of a series of four spots which aired during the GOP debate on October 28th, with each leading us through the life of an American woman and explaining why Clinton would be the best candidate to address each citizen’s personal and professional struggles.


Now the agency has pivoted to promoting the candidate directly via nearly four decades’ worth of her own words.

Interesting way to make the point that Hillary Clinton has stayed on-message throughout her very long political career in terms of dropping some platitudes about kids. The real point is that, according to Campaign, Bernie’s ads get some of the best responses from test audiences because they’re all positive.

Love you, NYT, but we’re pretty sure this Clinton spot won’t serve as “a sharp rebuke to those who marvel at how Senator Bernie Sanders has been saying the same thing throughout his career.” (Do any politicians not support giving young Americans the opportunity to succeed in America for the good of America? America.)

That said, it was an effective use of archival footage.

In our experience, agencies generally can’t comment on their work for elected officials or those looking to become elected officials (just like PR departments are particularly reluctant to discuss their contracts with clients like U.S. Navy or Army). But David Droga felt confident and/or forthcoming enough about this work to share it on Twitter over the weekend.

Should be interesting to see what they do when the campaign gets down and dirtier.

No credits on this one, but the NYT does note that Droga created it in partnership with political consultancy group Dixon/Davis Media, Clinton’s senior communications advisor Mandy Grunwald and her chief strategist/media guy Jim Margolis.