Droga5 New York Celebrated National Toilet Paper Day for Quilted Northern

By Erik Oster 

Last week (August 26 to be precise) was National Toilet Paper Day. Somehow we missed the memo on that one, but Droga5 New York didn’t, as the agency created a digital spot and mini popup shops to celebrate the holiday (if you can even call it that) for toilet paper brand Quilted Northern.

To ring in the event, Droga5 New York crated the online spot “A Most Forgettable Holiday,” which drove traffic to the brand’s one-day sale on Amazon. In the spot, Quilted Northern admits that National Toilet Paper Day is unlike holidays in that there are “no gifts, no parades, no jolly people in suits, and no one gets this day off work.” But, while the brand admits the day is nowhere near as important as Women’s Equality Day, which it share a date with, the brand does bring people together with its deal, “designed for each and every American with a butt.” The spot ends by suggesting viewers subscribe to the brand on Amazon so they never have to remember buying toilet paper again.

The whole approach is a continuation of Droga5’s “Designed to be Forgotten” campaign, launched in May of 2015, centered around the entirely forgettable holiday. Its self-effacing qualities lead into a subtle push for the Amazon sale while leading into some quirkiness (sign-spinning bunny, etc.) designed to keep the video watchable.

Additionally, Droga5 created a series of pop-up shops around New York and Seattle…with a small catch. The mini pop-up shops were too small for human entry, and didn’t actually sell toilet paper. Instead, visitors could pop their heads into the shops and were directed to the brand’s Amazon sale. Hmm, that actually seems kind of memorable…

Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Group Creative Director: Don Shelford
Associate Creative Director: Erica Pressly
Associate Creative Director: Emmie Nostitz
Jr. Copywriter: Ted Meyer
Jr. Art Director: Tommaso Fontanella
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Sr. Art Director: Kat Dudkiewicz
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Chief Creation Officer: SallyAnn Dale
Senior Broadcast Producer: Anders Hedberg
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Head of Interactive Production: Niklas Lindstrom
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Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Strategy Director: Elaine Purcell
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Senior Communications Strategist: Delphine McKinley
Senior Data Strategist: Brad Mumbrue
Data Strategist: Remy Lupica
Group Account: Director Brett Edgar
Account Director: Ross Gillis
Account Supervisor: Kate Tyler Monroe
Associate Account Manager: Kyra Gembka
Project Manager: Michelle Yee
Client GeorgiaPacific / Quilted Northern
CMO: Douwe Bergsma
SVP & General Manager, Tissue: Vivek Joshi
Senior Brand Director: Jason Ippen
Director Brand Center: Shari Neumann
Brand Building Leader: Aviral Singh
Brand Manager: Ricky Busby
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