Droga5 Makes 6 New Hires and Promotions Following Series of Recent Departures

By Doug Zanger 

Top to bottom, L-R: Tasha Cronin, Scott Chinn, Kelly Harrington, Dan Gonda, Molly McClernon, Rob Adams

Droga5 has made a total of six moves—a combination of new hires and promotions—some of whom are back for another bite at the agency’s apple.

“The depth of our existing talent—as represented by Dan, Tasha and Scott—underscores the undeniable role each has played in shaping what Droga5 is today and will be tomorrow,” said Sarah Thompson, global chief executive officer of Droga5. “And with the arrival of Kelly and Molly as well as the appointment of Rob, we are energized and excited to have them within our walls to help us create future-facing, creatively led work.”

The details on each:

Dan Gonda
New role: Managing director
Droga5 tenure: Joined in 2013 as group account director
Key Droga5 clients: Newcastle Brown Ale, Prudential, Trident and others.
Good to know: Was promoted to head of account management at the agency in 2015.

Tasha Cronin
New role: Co-director of interactive production and integration lead
Droga5 tenure: Arrived in 2015 as Senior Interactive Producer
Key Droga5 clients: HBO, Blizzard Entertainment and Pizza Hut and others.
Good to know: Elevated to Executive Producer of Interactive and was promoted to Co-Director of Interactive Production in 2017.

Scott Chinn
New role: Managing director of Second Child, Droga5’s production studio
Droga5 tenure: Joined the agency in 2010 as an Executive Producer.
Key Droga5 clients: Prudential, Google, Hennessy and UNICEF Tap Project, among others.
Good to know: In 2017, Chinn was appointed Executive Producer of Second Child, leading the newly minted studio in content creation across film, audio, photography, animation, design and technology development. Will partner with Droga5’s Chief Creation Officer, Sally-Ann Dale.

Kelly Harrington
New role: Business development director
Droga5 tenure: Second tour at Droga5, was account director starting in August 2016 and worked on Sprint.
Recent stop: Was account director at McCann for just under a year, working on Mastercard.

Molly McClernon
New role: Operations lead, production
Droga5 tenure: McClernon is a new hire.
Recent stop: Eight years at 360i where her most recent role was deputy head of production operations working for clients such as Kraft, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Nespresso and National Geographic.
Good to know: In her role, McClernon will be responsible for team resourcing, financial tracking and analysis, and maintaining efficient departmental operations and processes.

Rob Adams
New role: Head of engineering, Second Child
Droga5 tenure: Adams is a new hire.
Recent stop: Adams was vp, director of engineering at 360i—and spent almost four years at the agency. Previous stops include JWT and Code and Theory.

These hires follow a series of recent departures including Droga5 production development director Lucia Grillo exiting to become mcgarrybowen’s first head of U.S. operations, CMO Chris Wollen leaving to take up that title at electric automaker startup Rivian and executive group director and deputy head of account management Agnes Fischer, who left to become The&Partnership’s first New York president.