Droga5 Curses at ‘Misconceptions’ for Newcastle

By Erik Oster 

Droga5 takes the irreverent self-mocking schtick it developed with “If We Made It” for Newcastle to its logical conclusion in its latest ad kicking off the brand’s summer campaign, which hopefully signifies a change in direction from the agency in the future.

The foul-mouthed spot, developed from the insight that many avoid Newcastle Brown Ale fearing it is heavy or harsh only to laugh at the misconception later, features an array of converted naysayers. Each of these converts gives their reasons for avoiding Newcastle, such as “I used to think Newcastle was bitter” or “I thought Newcastle would taste heavy” before declaring themselves, “a dumb idiot,” “a big fucking idiot” or “a couple of ignorant assclowns” (with the expletives bleeped out, of course). The approach is jarring enough, but then Droga5 ends the spot with the line, “Brought to you by the dumb fucks that made this commercial,” preceded by the campaign’s tagline, “It’s Better Than You Thought.”

“We’ve found that because of Newcastle’s full, brown color, people sometimes think that it’s a heavy beer,” said Priscilla Flores Dohnert, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “But they couldn’t be more wrong! Yes, it is full-bodied, but it’s also very smooth and refreshing. We made a video that helps bring that to life in a completely unsubtle, fun, Newcastle sort of way.”


The summer campaign will also include a revival of the brand’s celebration of “Independence Eve” and will be supported by instant redeemable coupons and mail-in rebates encouraging consumers to swap out their typical summer brew for a Newcastle Brown Ale.