Droga5 Celebrates ‘Love Day’ for Honeymaid

By Erik Oster Comment

Droga5 launched a Valentine’s Day spot for Honeymaid, entitled “Love Day.”

In the spot Droga5 eschews the romantic love typically associated with Valentine’s Day for a more familial kind. “This Valentine’s Day, let’s think of love differently,” reads text at the beginning of the ad, followed by a son coming out to his mom. “That’s OK, hon, I knew you were,” she says, reeling him in for a big hug. It’s an emotional moment, which leads into a series of other such exchanges, including a pair of siblings explaining what adoption is about, a man thanking the birth parents he’s searching for for making the hard decision to put him up for adoption  and a transgender teen opening up to a parent. It’s very much in line with the kind of inclusiveness Droga5 has celebrated for the brand with previous ads and a welcome departure from the hordes of Valentine’s Day ads that all feel the same. If you’re wondering where the product is in all this, it’s pretty much limited to a brief shot of a heart-shaped strawberry on a peanut butter-topped graham cracker. But the unusual approach to the holiday and ties to past efforts, make the ad unmistakably the brand’s nonetheless.