Droga5 and ESPN’s Baseball Tonight Encourage Everyone to Skip Work

By Patrick Coffee 

So we all remember that moment, more than 18 months ago, when ESPN and Wieden + Kennedy went their separate ways after 25 years.

The sports network then made a not-completely-unexpected move by naming that other big indie Droga5 as its new agency of record.

Since then, the shop’s big work has been the “Life Needs Sports” brand campaign, which launched with an ode to short people titled “Smaller.”

This week, the agency launched a new extension of that effort—and this time they enlisted the good folks at Baseball Tonight in encouraging hard-working folks everywhere to play hooky and go watch some baseball.

Ditch Days is a real contest that tells us “Life Has Jobs. Sports Have a Ticket Out.” All you have to do is come up with a really fucking good excuse for skipping out on that thing that pays your rent (or mortgage, haha) and you might just win tickets to see your favorite baseball team.

Let’s hope you do a little better than these dudes.

We’re not sure it mattered that they didn’t show up to work when they were all so obviously phoning it in.

So here’s a video explaining how to do the thing.

Since you have to use a hashtag specific to the team you want to watch, we figured we would try the Yankees and the Mets.

Most of the entries left a bit to be desired, but there was a gem or two lying around in the Twitter feed.

Two important questions, however, remain unanswered: how do you really explain this to your boss and do Droga5 employees qualify?