DraftFCB Should Be Euthanized

By SuperSpy 

Oh Howard. You’re so funny. How you keep me giggling with your absolutely ridiculous antics. Last night, DraftFCB had their company party at the Chicago Theater. They had food. They had drinks. They had entertainment – The Temptations and some nameless American Idol singer.

Wow. Howard. Really? You must really know what’s going on in consumer culture to select a group from the early 1960s. I guess you figured that you hit the zeitgeist point with the American Idol singer, right? Ha! According to the talent website in charge of booking The Temptations, the cost is a minimum of 15,000, though it could be higher. Fifteen grand? Isn’t that money better spent on almost anything else?


“Meet DraftFCB?” We’d rather not. What are we going to talk about? Diana Ross and that kid whose fifteen minutes seems like fifteen years ago? What was name – Sangay, Sanjay? Whatever. Howie recently said that the merged entity “could be doing better.” How about this? Euthanize the brand and become the all business ad agency – all square and “get the job done” type stuff. Don’t claim that the consumer is at everything you do. Stop the whole driven by insights thing. Just churn out the work and go further in who you really are – an ad agency that cares about revenue and can cater to the old type CMO. In this market, that’s not a bad thing. So, you’re not plugged in? There’s no shame in that. Just make your brand message match what’s beneath the emperor’s clothes, yeah?

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