DraftFCB Plays To The Penises, Loses The Vaginas

By SuperSpy 

The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl is a British TV show about a high class prostitute and her wonky adventures. So, DraftFCB’s explosive billboard seems a bit, erm… off. The new campaign that went up down under to promote the show has caught the eye of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Complaints have rolled in and the board will surely be banned.

One billboard features a clothed woman during the day and then at night, back-lighting on the boards reveal the lady to be in sexy lingerie. Another (pictured above) features a skirt that blows up in the wind to reveal a lady’s bottom. Um… “sexy?” This is a girl’s ass in bad panties and expensive garters. Not too sexy. It’s boring, yan worthy, crude crap. Yawn. Besides that, I’ve watched the show. It was kind of fun. I didn’t feel any sort of misogynistic thing was going on in the least. The character, named Billie Piper, was well formed, loved her gig and owned it. Simple as that. These ads are a total turn off to someone like me, meaning someone with a vaj-jay-jay. Too bad.

Catch this – Stuff reports that “several motorists spotted by The Press were so transfixed by the billboard that they failed to move when the traffic lights turned green.”

Points to DraftFCB for creating a traffic stopping ad. Minus points for not having a wit of sophistication to bring to the topic and turning off the ladies to boot. Any girls work on this campaign? Doubt it.

The show is set to launch in the US on Showtime in June. Watch the trailer below.