Draftfcb Officially Drops ‘Draft’ Portion from Name

By Kiran Aditham 


Ah, so now we know why we were getting all those tips about signage removal at Draftfcb’s New York office. At the time, folks in the know, somewhat vaguely, told us that the company was “renovating.” Now we know it was a larger purpose as Draftfcb is no more and will now go under the old-school name of Foote, Cone & Belding, or simply, FCB. Here’s the agency’s words on how the network structure will be affected by the rebranding. Typically, each office will add the city in which they operate, for instance, FCB Shanghai, FCB Paris or FCB Chicago. In some markets we will add the name of an acquired company such as in London, where the office will be FCB Inferno. And where there is an agency with specific expertise, it will take on that name, as with FCB Health. In rare cases, the name of a highly respected creative leader will be added to further enhance the office’s delivery and reputation.

Carter Murray, who assumed the role of global CEO at DFCB six months ago and if (as you’d expect) leading the charge on the name change, says in a statement, ““Two distinct brands, Draft and FCB, were merged together seven years ago.The entities have united and now have one seamless offering. It’s time to simplify our brand name as well to reflect our focused identity and direction.”