DraftFCB Gets Sued For Meth Mouth

By SuperSpy 

Here’s a strange one… A mother and her 7 year-old daughter are suing DraftFCB and the Office of National Drug Control Policy for defamation. The pair are both professionals models. A photo of the child, who is missing some teeth due to age, was used in a poster to highlight the dangers of meth.

In their federal claim, they say “that a medical condition commonly known as ‘meth mouth’ is evidence by the loss of front teeth owing to the use of methamphetamine. That the image of plaintiff child used by defendants highlights her lack of front teeth and would be reasonable construed by those with a knowledge of methamphetamine abuse as a photograph accurately depicting the malady known as ‘meth mouth’ or in the alternative as set forth herein, a result of child abuse or neglect.”

Not sure if DraftFCB included her face, but if NOT, it’s kind of like… lady get over it. This is what you and your little girl get paid for. Didn’t you know what you were being shot for? Or better yet, did you sign your child up to be used as stock photography? This is one of those cases where you want to sidle up to the Republicans and call for some serious tort reform.

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