Draft FCB Will Mount Anyone Who Doesn’t Fill out the Census

By Matt Van Hoven 

DraftFCB is working on the 2010 Census campaign, and they want you to know about it. The latest census data shows that by 2040, Caucasians will be the minority in the US. What’s that mean for advertising? It should mean everything, but will probably amount to nothing. Anyway, the piece above was particularly interesting if only because the guy in question is a taxidermist. Is this a backhanded threat from our beloved government? Fill out your census, or Chris will skin your ass and hang you above his fireplace.

See the rest of the campaign work, here.

Credits &#151
Agency: Draft FCB, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Michael Simons
EVP, Group Creative Director: Gary Resch
VP, Group Creative Director: Kevin Dreyfuss
Creative Director: Chaz Mee
Executive Producer: Kelly Fagan
Agency Producer: Bailey Kindlon
VP, Management Director: David Berenbroick
Account Executive: Nicholas Fico

Director: Jason Kohn
Production Company: Ãœber Content, Los Angeles
Executive Producers: Preston Lee, Phyllis Koenig, Steve Wi
Director of Photography: Heloisa Passos

Editorial Company: Cosmo Street, New York
Editors: Doug Abel, Bernardo Revilla, Justin Quagliata
Executive Producer: Maura Woodward
Producer: Heather Richardson
And some other details about the goal.

Update: Apparently, the word “negro” is still on the Census. Weird times we live in.

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