Downtown Partners Chicago, Critical Mass Roll Out New Campaign for The Illinois Lottery’s ‘Hit or Miss’ Game

By Erik Oster 

The Illinois Lottery wanted to get the word out about their new game, “Hit or Miss,” which has the best overall odds of winning (1 in 4.54) of any Illinois Lottery Game. The game offers rewards to players who match 8-12 or 0-4 of the given numbers, with a grand prize for matching all 12.

To help them promote the new game, The Illinois Lottery tapped Downtown Partners Chicago for a new television spot. That spot, “Hit or Miss,” introduces the new game in a way that will “reinforce the lottery brand’s ‘Anything’s Possible’ tagline by showcasing a win-win opportunity for players that allows them to win even when they do not match any of their numbers,” says  Jim Schmidt, partner and creative director at Downtown Partners Chicago. “Hit or Miss” gives viewers a peek inside the “Innovation Department” at The Good Life Inc. Several failed ideas are scoffed at by a director making the rounds, before he happens upon the “Hit or Miss” game — in this case represented by an archery target with arrows sticking out of it. “Win if you hit, win if you miss,” exclaims an excited developer. The director is pleased to finally be presented with a good idea. It’s not long until he’s shown another bad one, however: Lint Lotto.

The lighthearted spot is a good introduction to the win-win schtick of the new game, and the ending is actually worth a chuckle. Critical Mass is handling the display and social media aspects of the new campaign, which also encompasses coupons, point-of-sale advertising materials, radio spots, billboards, and promotional events. Credits after the jump.

Director(s):  Russ Lamoureux

Producer: Carol King

Creative Director/Partner: Jim Schmidt, Downtown Partners Chicago

Creative Director/Partner: Joe Stuart, Downtown Partners Chicago

Digital Creative Lead: Duane Wheatcroft, Critical Mass