Dos Equis Milks The Most Interesting Man in the World for All He’s Worth

By Erik Oster 

Last month we learned that Havas and Dos Equis would be sending off The Most Interesting Man in the World with the character blasting off for a trip to Mars in “Adios Amigo” and Havas’ creative lead on the account departing for m:united shortly after. But Dos Equis wouldn’t be content with a single ad to say goodbye to the long-running spokesman and has indeed found a way to drag out his departure.

Havas and Dos Equis are now giving away the best of the character’s earthly possessions with “The Coveted Collection.”Prized Spanish GuitarAegean Captains HatWinners Circle

Visitors to the site can enter to win such items as The Most Interesting Man in the World’s “Prized Spanish Guitar,” a masquerade mask from a legendary party, a classic Waikiki wooden surfboard, his championship bowling shirt and a highland Scottish kilt.

Also up for grabs are a flight to Mexico and a chance to live in “a “17th-century domicile [that] was once a royal pied-à-terre, a pirate hideout and most importantly, the former hacienda of the Most Interesting Man.”

In some ways it’s a better send-off to the character–who stayed around past his expiration date–than the aforementioned ad, with fans able to peruse tongue-in-cheek facts about the items at their leisure. While the original character may be entering retirement, the brand has promised to reveal a new Most Interesting Man in the World some time this year.