Don’t Worry, ‘Beard-Selling’ Creative is Keeping Damn Busy

By Kiran Aditham 

During today’s earlier post about Mat Driscoll, we did mention the former Saatchi copywriter-turned-beard seller, JD Beebe. Since we’re horrible with names in our increasingly senile state, we forgot to put two-and-together and realize said person is also behind the effort, which we just discussed a few months ago and was created in order to help find his fellow, laid-off Goodby staffers some new work following sweeping staff  cuts.

Anyhow, rather than do further unintentional disservice to Beebe and just post an update to the Driscoll item, might as well take a minute to bring you up to speed on his seemingly whirlwind career path since our original “beard” post. He hit us up just a couple of hours ago, and here’s his note verbatim:

“Life after Saatchi has been a blast. I came east to run, a halloween costume site that focused on topical/celebrity-driven outfits. That spun into a freelance gig at HUGE in Brooklyn, which bankrolled a trip to South America. Upon returning, I made it into the city (NYC) fulltime. Before starting back in the ad world as a Sr. Copywriter at Noise, I pursued a few side projects. Namely, a site where I’d postmark and mail anyone a picture of Jon Hamm with an attached love note for Valentines Day. Afterwards, I made to help my former colleagues at GSP who were affected by their layoffs. Additionally, I’ve been continuing my work as CMO for a new dating site startup and developing quick-to-turnaround digital projects such as (coming soon). Beards (and Princess Beatrice Hats) are still selling as are a line of Peruvian shoes I’m producing that were brought back for my girlfriend during the aforementioned S.A. trip.

Life is busy but good!”

Phew. You can check out more, if interested, about Beebe’s projects, current or in production, here.