Don’t Panic Celebrates Real Life Superheroes for Save the Children

By Erik Oster 

Agency Don’t Panic collaborated with production company Unit 9 to explore sightings of superheroes in remote locations in India, Kenya and Mexico in a new PSA for Save the Children.

“She flies with the clouds and she gives water,” says one girl. “He came and destroyed the mosquitoes,” says a small boy. “She came and now we have a new baby sister,” another child adds. “Every child deserves a superhero,” reads text at the end of the ad, when it is finally revealed that the “superheros” in question are, in fact, Save the Children workers. It’s a touching message, as the PSA displays just how important a role Save the Children plays in the lives of children in need, who see their efforts not just as extraordinary but even magical.

The PSA is part of Save the Children’s “Race for Survival” campaign, timed to coincide with the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. It follows in the footsteps of previous collaborations between Don’t Panic and Unit 9 for Save the Children, including “Most Shocking Second a Day” and “Reverse.” The two companies also collaborated for the memorable “Everything Is Not Awesome” effort for Greenpeace, which led to the end of Lego’s partnership with Shell.