‘Don’t Do They’ Is Russell Westbrook’s Advice in BBDO New York’s Latest for Mountain Dew

By Erik Oster 

BBDO New York launched a new, 30-second spot for Mountain Dew starring Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook, entitled “Don’t Do They.”

The title line sums up Westbrook’s philosophy on and off the court. “They say don’t practice shots you wouldn’t take in the game,” Westbrook says, via voiceover, at the opening the spot, while making a shot from well beyond three-point territory. Some other things they say not to do? Listening to slow jams before the game, being a team distraction, eating seafood in Oklahoma.

Actually, they may have a point on that last one.

“Don’t do they,” Westbrook says at the spot’s conclusion, right before attempting to dunk on a flaming hoop via motorcycle, “do you.”


The spot is a welcome step away from the over-the-top shenanigans of “Freak Chain” and “Puppymonkeybaby” for Mountain Dew Kickstart. “Don’t Do They” offers a tenuous connection to the brand via its identity as a cola alternative, while capitalizing on the popularity and distinct style of Westbrook. It’s also something of a bridge to the brand’s former “Do the Dew” tagline.

“From his play on the court, to his style off the court, Westbrook is all about doing things differently and shaking up the status quo,” Mountain Dew senior director of marketing Ryan Collis told Adweek. “We wanted to highlight Russ’ unique take on life by showcasing several different moments in which he strays from the beaten path and does something unexpected by not doing what ‘They say.'”