Donny Deutsch Will Get His Butt Kicked And It’s About Time

By SuperSpy 

If you take the infamous Donny Deutsch and pit him against, the former editor and British personality, Piers Morgan, what do you get? On September 19th, we will all find out during the inaugural Alfred Dunhill Debate. All this is in support of the new Dunhill store to be located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. The winner will be awarded $10,000 for his chosen charity.

And just will D.D. be debating on? Oh glad you asked, so glad. Topics include an industry favorite – The Power of Advertising vs. The Power of Editorial. Other subjects of import include: football vs. American football and American dress down vs. British sartorial elegance. Oh boy. This kind of intelligent discourse could just change your life.

Three-to-one Donny gets his ass whupped. Any takers? Come on… I double dog dare you. Keep in mind, Donny was the guy, when talking about Sarah Palin the other day on CNBC, who said he wanted her in bed laying next to him. He also has some sage advice for women in business: Put a skirt on, so you know, all the men will want to do you. Then, they won’t give two whits about what you’re saying. I’m not kidding. The video evidence is waiting for you above.

I wish to gawd I was taking him on. Ever wonder why Donny’s ratings are so abominably low? Probably not, because you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about his TV show, but let me clue you in – it’s because he’s got a bad, bad case of imbecility. Fuck. I’ll say that to his face. Where he at? That video got me. I’m spoiling for a fight.

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