Donny Deutsch Scored a TV Show

By Patrick Coffee 

Donny Deutsch may be out at the agency that bears his father’s name, but he’s all the way in at The USA Network.

Yesterday, we caught word from TV Guide that Deutsch the younger will soon star in his own old-style television programme called Donny!. No, it won’t be a Trump-style reality competition to find the hottest young advertising creatives — it will be “a half-hour satire that centers on his professional life, as well as his personal life as a single dad looking for romance” in the vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The “professional life” mentioned in the press release will not have anything to do with advertising. Rather, it will follow Donny’s adventures as the host of a daytime talk show also called Donny!.

Here’s a key line:

“…his very put-together public persona is in stark contrast to his private reality as he struggles to find love and also to be a good parent.”

Six episodes will premiere in late 2015. But who will be the Jeff to Donny’s Larry?!