Doner Promotes Alfa Romeo as ‘Made of Red’

By Erik Oster 

Doner launched an integrated campaign for Alfa Romeo “celebrating the brand’s association with the colour red, and the emotions of passion, adrenaline, temptation and sensuality evoked by it.”

Entitled “Made of Red,” the campaign includes a 30-second broadcast spot adapted for a U.K. audience from the original Italian campaign. The spot, which makes its broadcast debut this week, intersperses footage of an Alfa Rome driving down a long stretch of curvy road with shots meant to evoke the color red, which Alfa Romeo claims is integral to its brand identity. It ends with the tagline “Alfa Romeo. Made of Red.” An Instagram initiative calls on viewers to post photos inspired by the campaign with the hashtag #MadeOfRed, with the brand repositing and choosing its favorites to incorporate into its profile. Other campaign elements include a  Passion For Life sponsorship on Channel 4, developed by by Maxus Partnerships, and print elements.

“Alfa Romeo competes in a cluttered market, where drivers find it hard to differentiate and really connect with brands,” said David Amstel, group account director at Doner. The Made of Red campaign offers a clear point of differentiation. Whilst TV will drive awareness, social media will really allow us to connect with fans and open up channels where they can not only contribute to but drive the conversation.”