Doner Goes A Capella in First Work for Truck Hero

By Erik Oster 

Doner launched an integrated campaign for Truck Hero, its first work since partnering with the brand as its creative consultancy.

A series of spots promote the brand’s truckbed covers as “Epically Easy,” “Powerfully Protective” and “Superhero Strong.” Each of the spots features a chorus of guys singing a capella versions of “heroic songs” over a demonstration of each given selling point. In “Epically Easy,” for example, a man rolls out the truck bed in time for a cyclist to jump inside it while the background chorus “bum-bums” through the Richard Strauss classic “Also sprach Zarathustra.”

“Superhero Strong” displays the strength of Truck Hero by showing a thief unsuccessfully attempt to break through its lock, while “Powerfully Protective” shows how useful it is for protecting a party sub from water damage.

The spots, which rolled out online this week, will run on broadcast in Detroit and Dallas this month. Supporting the ads in the campaign are a new website, point-of-sale, and digital initiatives. The approach is undoubtedly a goofy one, but Truck Hero is hoping that the shenanigans will help viewers remember their brand name. 

Brand: Truck Hero
Agency: Doner

Chief Creative Officer: Rob Strasberg
Executive Creative Director: Michael Stelmaszek
Group Creative Director: Matt Swanson
Associate Creative Director: Raun Young
Associate Creative Director: Cam McIntosh
Producer: Mike Stark

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Mike Maguire
Music Company: Stimmung