DOJO and John Legend Go Behind the Music

By Patrick Coffee 

To repeat the popular Mark Twain misquote, “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

We’re not sure why San Francisco’s DOJO didn’t respond to any of our requests for information on last month’s rumor that it would soon be closing its doors or why its listed phone number stopped working, but the agency certainly appears to be operating normally: today we received two new campaigns for client Sound United’s audio brands Definitive Technology and Polk Audio.

First we have John Legend sounding “so real” in two…no three…no four…places at once:

After the jump, three spots for Polk.

DOJO ECD and Partner Mauro Alencar writes: “We’ve been working with Sound United for the last six months, but we were hooked on their products long before that.”

Now meet Jim and his Jams:

Polk isn’t just for hungover hip-hoppers, though:

Finally, one for the moms in the audience:

We’re a little disappointed that there was no “avant garde jazz” in that spot. And what about Jewish jazz? FWIW, these do indeed seem like high-quality sound systems.

On confusion regarding the status of the shop in question, the press release tells us that DOJO is still “a new breed of agency” and that its clients currently include “Activision, Google TV, Leap Motion, Sound United, SK Planet, and AT&T, among others.”

But what’s with the agency scene in San Francisco?



Sound United: Definitive Technology & Polk Audio Wireless Sound Systems



DOJO San Francisco

Mauro Alencar/Geoff Edwards      Executive Creative Directors

David Bornoff, Associate Creative Director

Chris McDonald, Director of Partnerships

Paul Golubovich, Producer



Tool Of North America

Jason Zada, Director

Oliver Fuselier, Managing Director Live Action/EP
Lori Stonebraker, Executive Producer
Kelly Christensen, Producer
Lyle Vincent, Director of Photography



David Inc

Jay Herda, Editor

Janie Ford, Executive Producer



Company 3

Michael Pethel, Colorist

Matt Moran, Senior Producer



Beacon Street Studios

John Nau / Andrew Feltenstein, Composers

Adrea Lavezzoli, Executive Producer



Mindbomb Films

Chris Kirk / Syd Garon, Creative Directors

Ana Gomez Bernaus, Art Director

San Charoenchai, 3D Animator




Adam Howard, VFX Supervisor

Aaron Vasquez, Artist

Emily Nelson, Producer



Studio Guapo

Christopher Forrest, Engineer

Ryan Kleeman, Asst Engineer