Dirty Dudebros Dig Dial

By Bob Marshall 

Is there anything more manly than rolling around in the mud with dozens of other shirtless guys?

In order to distinguish itself from competing personal cleaning products targeting men, Dial and Philly-based agency Red Tettemer + Partners decided to open a camp powered exclusively by testosterone, picking 20 men out of over 160,000 entrants to join them for a dream weekend. At this camp located far away from womenfolk in the nether regions of God’s country, men of all ages and walks of life get an opportunity to enjoy each others company. “Camp Dirt” is all about shooting paintball while Nickelback plays in the background, tackling your best bro in a game of mud pit football and tumbling down a giant slide into a muddy pool with your topless friend at your side.

Remember boys, “getting dirty is the fun part,” but make sure the next time you and your buddies shower off, one of you remembers to bring Dial’s fine body wash for men. Also, make sure one of you grabs the latest Three Days Grace album to blast on a waterproof boombox.