Dirty, Dirty, Dirty Arnold New York’s Holiday Party

By SuperSpy 

Last year, Arnold New York’s holiday party involved booze and a stripper pole. Remember that? Seems like the agency felt as though they needed to take it one step further this year.

For 2008, Arnold/NY office held its holiday party at Pravda in New York City. WE HEAR THAT… management hired 5 female strippers unbeknownst to their employees. The ladies stripped down to pasties and thongs, crawled around and generally, did what strippers do.

Everyone at the event was shocked and horrified. WE HEAR THAT… one high level creative was overheard saying “oh well that’s what you get when you don’t approve the work ahead of time.” Um… ha?

Okay, look… we went to our Auntie’s third marriage bachelorette party and shoved dollars down some very hot stud’s jodhpurs. And we also have done the same to some ladies. Hot. We don’t discriminate.

However, this is a work function. A WORK FUNCTION. There is no way in hell that this was a good plan. Way to alienate the female staffers Arnold. Oh hey… way to make all your male employees either feel guilty for enjoying themselves or alternatively, totally uncomfortable at having to smile along at such a display during a WORK FUNCTION.

Really… Arnold… Come on dudes. What is this the 80s? Were you all doing coke in the bathroom and trying to figure out how you were going to buy your way into The Box later, too?

Ps. If your website was functioning Arnold, we would have gotten your digits called you for a comment. Maybe less sex and more like you know, work, is what you guys really need.


Comment #1: Steve Hall Of AdRants:

Regarding Dirty Arnold. You’ve got to get our to the parties during ad:tech…hosted by actual companies in the ad biz. There’s always some hot, barely dressed dancer doing her thing atop a platform or on some stage. See the ad:tech blog for serious ad industry T & A. And no, it’s not always great for this stuff to happen at a WORK FUNCTION as you say but it sure is fun to watch:-)

Comment #2: HighJive:

Arnold strip club um… isn’t this sort of shit what led Steve Biegel to file suit against Dentsu?