Director, Agency Vet Erik Proulx Goes Semi-Viral with #SeeErikRun

By Patrick Coffee 

Erik Proulx is a longtime copywriter turned commercial director who has worked for such agencies as Allen & Gerritsen, Arnold and StrawberryFrog throughout his career.

He also recently ran a 10K race and shared an image of himself doing so on Facebook … as so many of everyone’s friends are wont to do. He was generous enough to joke about it with the subject line “Photographic evidence that I am indeed 44.”

His advertising colleagues, being the mischievous types who usually work in this business, immediately went to work placing him in all sorts of awkward places. It reminded us of that time Mekanism employees found so many good places for CEO Jason Harris in his best Bono pose.

First there was the running of the bulls above via MARC USA ACD Craig Ferrence. Then Erik visited Tiananmen Square.

seeerikrun 2

Here he is rocking out with Taylor Swift…

seeerikrun 4

…and hanging with #1 Donald Trump fan Kim Jong Un.

seeerikrun 3

He also found his way into several iconic movie scenes.

seeerikrun 5

Lest we forget that this is advertising, after all:

seeerikrun 6

The gag kept going and eventually turned into a full folder under the hashtag #SeeErikRun. His friends got quite creative: here, for example, is an image of Proulx’s face as a tattoo on the butt cheek of one Angelina Jolie.

(We would embed these all and give credit to the very talented artists who created each of them, but you know how awful Facebook is. Just click on the full folder already. It contains many more amusing entries.)