DigitasLBi Atlanta Takes ‘LAX to LUX’ for Delta One

By Erik Oster 

Digitas LBi Atlanta teamed up with production company Workhouse Creative to launch “LAX to LUX” for Delta One.

The spot shows a couple enjoying a night out in L.A. when a cab pulls up and tells them to get in. Whisked away to LAX, the couple is given the full Delta One treatment, with perks like private, premium check-in, expedited security, access to the Delta Sky Club lounge and premium food and seating on board. It’s unclear throughout where exactly the couple are flying to, and it’s kept ambiguous even at the spot’s conclusion, which is a bit frustrating as it makes the spot’s payoff a bit of a disappointment. “LAX to LUX” also could have benefited from more obviously highlighting the Delta One perks, for those following along without a press release, while trimming some shots of the couple arriving at the airport. The awful music selection, “Two More Minutes” by Jaymes Young, doesn’t exactly help hold interest through the slower moments either. “LAX to LUX” ends with a plea to viewers to follow the brand on social media for their a chance at their own “LAX to LUX” adventure.


Agency: DigitasLBi, Atlanta
Associate Creative Director/Art: Tom Hurd
Associate Creative Director/Copy: Molly Crawford
Agency Producer: Danica Walker

Production Company: Workhouse Creative
Executive Producers: Keith Rivers, Eli Martin
Line Producer: Matt Ackerman
Director: Keith Rivers
DP: Jackson Hunt
Editor: Jeff Jay/Beast Atlanta

Post EFX: CO3/Method Atlanta
Post EFX Producers: Natalia Wrobel, Soraia Callison

Licensed Music Track: Jaymes Young – Two More Minutes
Client: Delta Airlines
CEO: Richard Anderson