Digitas SVP Lange Taylor Remains within Publicis Groupe, Will Lead New Unit

By Kiran Aditham 

Not to worry,  concerned tipster who was wondering what the deal was with Lange Taylor, who has spent the last eight years at Digitas and was elevated to SVP/managing director of its Atlanta office in 2010. No, he’s not technically out at the agency but rather moving on up in a sense. We received some clarification from credible sources, who tell us that Taylor was recently tapped to lead a new Publicis Groupe unit based in Atlanta called Agency:D7, which has been described to us as a cross-media agency that was launched with a single purpose: “To help brands leave a mark that is a unique reflection of their brand purpose.”

Well, hell, why stop there, why don’t we just tell you what D7 stands for, and yes, this is verbatim straight from the sources’ mouths:

“D7 is inspired by seven core beliefs:

1) Know your purpose
2) Have a quest
3) Be true to your brand
4) Like your customers
5) Keep it real
6) Prove it
7) Leave a mark”

#5 is always a given, but anyhow, we’ve been told that Agency:D7 houses a staff of approximately 20 and has already kicked things off with a cross-channel campaign for SunTrust. As for Lange Taylor, he will focus on his duties with this new entity while maintaining separate operational duties for Digitas. Meeting adjourned.