Digital Is Traditional, Traditional Is Digital: Razorfish Goes 360

By SuperSpy 

Today, Adweek has an article up about digital shop, Razorfish, getting into the broadcast game for detergent brand, All. If anyone caught that last episode of Celebrity Apprentice (and I’m sure you didn’t), you’ll recall that the teams were tasked with creating a “viral” video for the brand. The results were pretty mediocre, but whatever. The agency went on to take two of the contestants, Joan and Melissa Rivers, and feature them in Razorfish’s first ever broadcast production. You can watch it above.

From the article: “Razorfish has a history in digital media and developing Web sites,” said Marc Lucas, executive creative director for Razorfish in New York. “In the last 12 to 18 months, we’ve made a push to be a marketing services company and being more media agnostic.”


All just recently put its creative account into review. While BBH is the incumbent, it ended up goin to Lowe. However, wouldn’t it have been rad if Razorfish just snuck in there and took the booty? Forget about whether you like or hate the spot. Isn’t just a wee bit exciting to see a digital agency is now just an agency and vice versa? Lines are blurring left and right. Consider that GlobalHue, which has long been billed as the the biggest multicultural agency, won their MGM Grand account as just an agency – serving every color, gender and platform under the sun. Finally – the whole bag of goods is getting mixed up. It’s about time.

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