Digital and Traditional: Who Does it Best

By Matt Van Hoven 

You knew this was coming sooner or later, but before we get the joint rolling, we want to know which agencies you think should be on the list.

Here’s the deal: we’re making two polls that aim to determine which agencies you all think are the best at what they do. Screw the Cannes judges, we’re putting the power in your hands.

But before we get started, help us get a lay of the ad-land by commenting below on which agencies you think should be in the running. No shop is too small, we want these polls to be long and all-inclusive.

Keep it to digital or traditional (and be sure to tell us if the shop you mention is dig. or trad, in case it’s one we’re not aware of), and try not to repeat shops that have already been listed. Later this week or next week, when the comments have been compiled, we’ll post two polls (one for each category). Sure, it’s kinda-sorta based on popularity but this is AgencySpy and we want to know what you think. Could there be anything better?

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